We support each child with love, guidance and perseverence.



Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty before it is transferred to yet another generation, by building more educated and productive communities.  Our vision is to enable every child to go to school and achieve the level of education they desire.

Our Mission and Vision

About Us

Empowerment International (EI) was founded in 1998 by Kathy Adams.

EI’s approach addresses the root cause and the plight of many street children in the slums (‘barrios’) in both countries.


Street children generally come from poor families. They cannot attend school even where public education is free due to lack of funds for mandatory uniforms and school supplies. They also lack emotional support from their families due to the lack of understanding of the importance of education., and  professional emotional services for many of the extreme situations that arise in vulnerable communities and families.

Instead of being educated, they are sent out to work on the streets selling fruits, vegetables or required to stay home to help with younger children and chores so the parents can work.


EI reverses this trend by working with the children and their families to enable them to attend school accompany them on their educational journey by providing the with material support, supplementary education, emotional support, health support and so much more.


When these children receive an education, they are able to stay off the streets, find better jobs, and eventually break the cycle of poverty that has haunted their families for generations.

Our Team

Maria Belen Alvarez  

Education and Rural Development Dept.  Coordinatorr

Marcia Miranda 

Country Director

Auxiliadora Robleto  

Home Visits and Health Dept.  Coordinatorr

Brenda Lacayo  

Home Visit Promoter

Lisseth Potosme  

Monitor and Evaluation

Ismael Raudez  

Part-time Teacher  

Olga Guitierrez  

Home Visit Promoter

Illdebrando Guevara

Maintenance, Grounds, Security 

Nora Calderon

   Housekeeping & Cook

Marco Arana


Ericka Rodriguez

Reading Teacher Intern

Leonard Lezama  

Child Sponsroship Coordinator  

Maynor Quiroz

Rural Development

Our Collaborative Partners

There is a correlation between a community’s quality of life, ability to address basic human needs and achieve transformation. We believe education is the key link.


We see our role as “bridge builders” between the kids, communities and donors. We encourage the communities to make our program their own and we empower them to raise their voices and tell their own stories.